Dragon's Cave (Beta)

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Info and controls are below.

Hi All,

If you are having trouble with not being able to control any of the rocks with your keyboard, we'd really appreciate it if you could provide some details to help us solve the issue. What would be really useful is the following:

- Your operating system (windows/mac/...)
- Your flash player version (if you right-click on the Wizard's Cave game it should say in the menu)
- Whether you have a PS/2 or USB keyboard
- Whether your keyboard is set up for the en-US language or not, and if it is an international keyboard
- The name and version of your browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, ...)
- Anything else that you think might affect the flash player (eg, any keyboard settings you may have changed in your operating system)

Thanks again for your time, reviews, assistance, and patience!


Use your magic spells to help the Wizard Escape the Dragon's Cave!

This was made in 72 hours for the Game Jam Competition right here on NewGrounds!
Our themed 'handicap' was to "use 20 keys or more for the controls".

The controls are: Q, A, W, S, E, D, R, F, T, G, Y, H, U, J, I, K, O, L, P, :
Space Bar: Skip Cut Scene/Start Run
Esc: Pause
M: Mute Music
Z: Reveal hints

We plan to release more levels in the future if this game is a success. Please review and critique.

Thank you,
Sam & Vector.


Yet another

Looking through the reviews I'm not alone on not being able to function the rocks even using the proper keys.

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well maby its just me but i cant see to get the first rock to move and im pressing the right keys

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for some reason, the controls didnt work at all for me. is that just me or a glitch?ill give a 9 for the great opening and it seems like a fun game, i wish i could just play it!!


yet another white screen glitched game. not voting a score yet but please look into fixing the problem :)

Cripples dont make good wizards

I let the dragon kill him. Idiot couldnt jump 3 feet to save his own life he doesn't deserve to live. You would think that since he could levitate multiple heavy rocks he could just levitate himself over the lava...

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3.17 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2011
4:08 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle