Reviews for "Dragon's Cave (Beta)"


I can't seem to press any keys to make it work, although it does seem to be a fun game. I'm using a windows, IE, keyboard.

if this is the beta id hate to see it after

it was great at first then as the lvls got harder and the speed picked up i decided to give up i could do it if i kept trying but im just not that fast plus most puzzles i play there aint a time limit i might be able to play a few more lvls but i agree with ringo it was boring after awhile

SamGreen responds:

Yeah because we had limited time constants we had to limit the levels from easy to hard and no in betweens...! Thanks for playing though! :)


for everyone that says it doesn't work FUCK OFF it does.I can use them why can't you? Maybe you don't understand how to play? Not the funnest game ever but far from bad.

SamGreen responds:

Hehe thank you dude.

Well if anyone is going through problems...

It IS a Beta after all (Even though the only thing beta about it is the problems) I found it to be like a puzzle. Using your mind and telling gravity to screw off. I like it. But i'll only give it a 7/10 because it's:
-Too simple
-Not really doing much
-And a dragon that takes too long.

Just my opinion

SamGreen responds:

You're the first one to call it too easy! :D

It works for me

I found the gameplay very boring and I really didn't want to keep playing after a few levels. It just feels very slow over all.