Reviews for "Dragon's Cave (Beta)"


for some reason, the controls didnt work at all for me. is that just me or a glitch?ill give a 9 for the great opening and it seems like a fun game, i wish i could just play it!!


yet another white screen glitched game. not voting a score yet but please look into fixing the problem :)

Cripples dont make good wizards

I let the dragon kill him. Idiot couldnt jump 3 feet to save his own life he doesn't deserve to live. You would think that since he could levitate multiple heavy rocks he could just levitate himself over the lava...

pretty good

but there comes a point where it becomes impossible

good concept and game but falls short

a fun game and a good way to get around the handicap but it falls short with some flaws
-overcome handicap mostly
-fun and simple
-awesome opening
-jumps random, sometimes a block will be the same height above as another but he cant make the jump
-falls through platforms sometimes
-controls are slow and unresponsive sometimes making it hard to time everything perfectly
Decision- 8/10
a fun game but the controls make it hard to play and some bugs cause frustration in the wrong places, probably wold have been a 7 but you had an awesome opening cinematic that made me have to give another point