Reviews for "Dragon's Cave (Beta)"

Great potential, but far too slow.

Okay. So the concept is pretty simple I guess. Not much gameplay that I went through due to impatience. I understand the neccesity to keep players able subject to keeping rocks in a good motion, but I'm sorry the run is just too bloody slow and if you screw up with a slow run like that it discourages further gameplay. 1/5 and 1/10.

8 Days?

This game looks like it could have a lot of potential, and I would love to play it! But from what I've seen due to the other comments and my own experience that the controls are unresponsive. Please fix this sooner than the 8 days that have already passed. No updates on the matter really informs us you really don't care about this project at all. I know it's a "Beta" but that is no excuse for unresponsive controls that make the game unplayable XD


Controls aint workin.

Ok idea

but you have HORRID timing! Did you even play test this? Because the time periods you give some levels are about a half of what you need, and most computers wont respond to more than 3 or 4 key presses. One more thing, maybe it's just me, but after redoing a level a couple of times, the intro gets really annoying, and when your trying to move the rocks as soon as possible, so does that beep

I like it!!!

Yes,it works perfectly for me

The game is hard,but thats all,i dont find any other thing troubling me.

Keep woking on it!!!!