Reviews for "Dragon's Cave (Beta)"


it is very nice but there are some bugs.i spoted 2

1)you cant control over 4 blocks
2)the speed of evrything (dragons breath,blocks,mage and the shield strength)

Brilliant concept!

Fun, innovative and original, I love it!

I totally think this has tons of potential, I only quit when the letters stopped appearing. It was already pretty hard to focus and get it right, then it just seemed too hard.

You might want to experiment with the speed of raising/lowering the platforms, see if the game is more fun when it's maybe, four times the speed, or if it's just too easy then.

But yeah, good work! I enjoyed it.


The good news, he found the princess, the bad one, he found only top half of her..

What a cave!

This was quite a unique game and I think that's the best thing that came out of this NG Jam. I was just looking at Master-Samus' profile the other day. This would have to be my favorite of all the games made for this holiday. What's really cool is that it's a unique game and you have to control as many blocks as you want. It can be confusing, like I was pressing it down at first and nothing happened. You have to be patient, as it can take awhile. I still don't really see what most of these games have to do with being handicapped.

The graphics are good in this, especially the wizard. It's not often that you also play a game where your intended rescue has already been killed. At least you can go save yourself while you still can. I thought the bar at the top meant how much time you had to adjust the rocks. It actually also measures how much time you have before the dragon breathes fire and if you're moving across, you're still dead.

Nice Try

Ok the voice acting is awful and the story is horrible. The game itself get boring after the second frame and the akward control scheme is just too much to make it any fun. Also the sluggish controls are too much to make this game feel exciting.