Reviews for "Dragon's Cave (Beta)"


insane to make this in that time! unreal - - maybe one of the best game jam games ive seen!

SamGreen responds:

Thanks bro. We both worked like machines! :P


Original And Fun!.

SamGreen responds:

Well thank you!

nice one shamus

graphics were very well done. and concept was great, i see where you went with the movement for the rocks, but damn it was still pretty good.


The good news is he found the princess the bad news he found only top half of her

Well if anyone is going through problems...

It IS a Beta after all (Even though the only thing beta about it is the problems) I found it to be like a puzzle. Using your mind and telling gravity to screw off. I like it. But i'll only give it a 7/10 because it's:
-Too simple
-Not really doing much
-And a dragon that takes too long.

Just my opinion

SamGreen responds:

You're the first one to call it too easy! :D