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Jonas Brothers Immolation

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Update: 4/12/2012
This is now the only surviving complete edition of JBI. I lost the my laptop which had the finished .fla file on it, and also lost HSM 3.

My most ambitious cartoon to date.
I'd have finished this a whole lot sooner if my first computer hadn't died, and if it had not taken me so long to get a new one.
I also made another submission besides this one, which I finished 7 months before. They are both tests to get experience with my graphics tablet before jumping into HSM 3, which I should be working on as you read this.
Not having a 3D program made things a lot harder, forcing me to 'freehand' a lot of stuff.
Anyway, leave a review, and be sure to watch my other submission today as well.
AND, there are no hidden messages anywhere.

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I think this would have been better if it didn't go on for so long. This lasts about nine minutes, fairly long for a flash submission here! What I found weird was that the animation wasn't that good. I wish there could have been more detail, but maybe that was the point. I realized how stupid they were not to notice a giant dragon had landed and was going to attack them. Of course, they just thought it was a cloud.

It's pretty basic stuff, nothing that noteworthy. It looks fairly dated for something that was made fairly recently. At least it showed all of the brothers being killed, I knew that would happen. We should have more assassin games because present celebrities are even worse than past ones. One where Rebecca Black dies would be nice.