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Jonas Brothers Immolation

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Update: 4/12/2012
This is now the only surviving complete edition of JBI. I lost the my laptop which had the finished .fla file on it, and also lost HSM 3.

My most ambitious cartoon to date.
I'd have finished this a whole lot sooner if my first computer hadn't died, and if it had not taken me so long to get a new one.
I also made another submission besides this one, which I finished 7 months before. They are both tests to get experience with my graphics tablet before jumping into HSM 3, which I should be working on as you read this.
Not having a 3D program made things a lot harder, forcing me to 'freehand' a lot of stuff.
Anyway, leave a review, and be sure to watch my other submission today as well.
AND, there are no hidden messages anywhere.

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I think this would have been better if it didn't go on for so long. This lasts about nine minutes, fairly long for a flash submission here! What I found weird was that the animation wasn't that good. I wish there could have been more detail, but maybe that was the point. I realized how stupid they were not to notice a giant dragon had landed and was going to attack them. Of course, they just thought it was a cloud.

It's pretty basic stuff, nothing that noteworthy. It looks fairly dated for something that was made fairly recently. At least it showed all of the brothers being killed, I knew that would happen. We should have more assassin games because present celebrities are even worse than past ones. One where Rebecca Black dies would be nice.

This was great :3

I loved this I thought you did a good job :3
And this ironically is coming from a fan of them xD, but that doesn't change the fact of how much I loved this video. The artwork and voices were great too :3...my favprite was the dragon though I think you did a GREAT job on that ^__^. Anyways, I am going yo go watch some of your other videos now (:.

Jonas & Dragons 3rd edition

The artwork in this was great, mainly for the dragon and the Jonas brothers. I liked the detail put into the audience members, buildings, and cars, however there are some flaws. Like the shadowy audience members just shaking around behind the detailed audience members seems to me like you could've just made a picture of some audience members and had it bounce up and down if you wanted filler. Also when the two remaining Jonas brothers were in the car at the beginning of this car chase scene you kept switching back and forth the drivers side. The animation was great, not superb, but above average. The storyline was kind of creative, when I saw the dragon I was kind of worried that you'd pull something generic out, but you didn't. When the Jonas brothers were escaping the dragon I was actually hoping for them to live and then when they were pitifully mocking the dragon I wanted them to die SO BADLY! One flaw in your story is that the electric shield is 1,000 volts of electricity which I doubt could keep a dragon out. Perhaps 100,000 volts would've been a better number to work with to shock a dragon bad enough not to kill him, but at the same time to keep him out. The music choices were superb, tops goes to GoreBastard and you chose a tolerable Jonas Brothers song for this as well. The sound effects were nothing short of perfection, honestly no complaints from me in that department. The voice acting was great, not matching the Jonas Brothers, but at the same time getting close enough to them for it to work.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Artwork
*Great Animation
*Masterful Sound
*Superb Music
*Great Voice
*Great Story

|| Bad Points ||
*Artwork - Flip Flopping
*Artwork - Audience



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LordHayden responds:

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Credits & Info

3.53 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2011
2:20 AM EST