Reviews for "Jonas Brothers Immolation"

kinda pointless

animation was poor
sound was bad
and you dont have good info did you know the average taser give 50,000 volts so 1,000 is like just a little more than static shock so next time you make an animation get some facts on stuff so you dont sound dumb
you have good potential just need some practice and more humor or something to the story it was kind of boring to watch

LordHayden responds:

You're right about that. But wasn't it good for a learning experience?

damn straight

aw yea bitches all what

good but the audio

It was good but what was with the audio? it seemed like your voice actors swallowed the mic and then read their script.

LordHayden responds:

I don't know what the VAs did. I just sent them the lines, they recorded and sent them back to me. As for the quality, I reduced that of the sound for file size reasons.

nice animations but...

this is just pointless and not any funny to me

i loled

when i read "mute your volume before you press play"