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Abysmal Adventures #1

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Ah, after a month of work, four month hiatus, and half a month of finishing up, it's arrived. The first installment of ABYSMAL ADVENTURES.

EDIT: damn, I always thought it'd be cool if this were frontpage'd, but never thought it'd happen because, well, yknow- it's not exactly "GOLD, JERRY!" So big thanks to voice actor Mick Lauer for bringing this to Tom's attention and giving it a spot to be enjoyed, even if it gets pulled down after a day or something.

EDIT2: Dude, I just watched it for the first time since I finished it and realized I misspelled RicePirate. Name changed! (But that's all that's new, the slow pace is still there unfortunately!)

EDIT3 (11/28/16): Boof, been a while. Where'd all this body hair come from? If anyone somehow finds/revisits this, I was informed it'd be best for Newgrounds for me to swap out the copyrighted music due to potential legality shenanigans (SURPRISE). With the original audio files currently lost, there are rough patches in the VO during the musical scenes, but some lines have been outright re-recorded while the SFX in those scenes have been mostly replaced. All has been given tape distortion to match the original crappy audio for maximum phoniness.

The original unscrupulous version is still available on YouTube here for those interested/nostalgic for ancient, obscure internet animation:

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Wait, why didn't the wizard cast the body repair spell on himself? It would've saved him a lot of trouble.

MaxWerkmeister responds:

It was going to be revealed in a later episode that the wizard had set the situation up as a social experiment -- "gifting" a Good Samaritan eternal life, and then watching them slowly realize what a curse it really is. Wojtek, ever the optimist, wouldn't register this the way he & his cohorts were hoping.

But since the series didn't continue, this detail is rendered an odd oversight in context and, thus, a fair criticism.

it took im 1 week to realyse he should be dead...
sound, animation and story is fantastic!

and maelstrom im sure that the gun youse speed to penetrate wile the knife is cut (sharp)
maybe it add a harder blade like dimond saw maybe dimond knife.

All the internets belong to you good sir. Just for playing some Led Zeppelin lol, good show

while i appreciate the story and such, i think you misunderstand the force and trauma differences between a gun and knife, if a pistol cant penetrate skin, how would a knife? anyways enjoyed the animation, lets see the next

Cool Boy ... xD

very great! congratulations your animation ... >: D

Credits & Info

4.44 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2011
2:19 PM EST