Reviews for "Abysmal Adventures #1"

its slow but still good

make the next one faster and you will have 10/10 material

Really strange, but funny.

It was great! The setting was like Shadowrun on shrooms.


Nice Video!
Need a little more of a effort on the 2#, but the history it's just great.

Want to know wich is the final music on the credits. Anyone know?

Well it's not Gold

But it is very much SILVER JERRY! to rip off HDD.

Well done. I like good storylines. I am curious what happened to him after he kills the beast out in the open in front of tons of witnesses. Does he go to jail? Fair trial?

Oh well, it's left up to my imagination.

Great job!

I was drawn in throughout the vid. Great animation, the voice fit the guy perfectly... Overall you did an awsome job and looking forward to future installments.