Reviews for "Abysmal Adventures #1"

pretty funny

reminded me of invader zim for some reason. looking forward to more.


It looks like he likes to eat cigarettes! XD

Concept, voice and sound effects

10, 7 and 7 respectively. overall execution is 8/10.


Brilliant piece fo film right there :p really enjoyed it and it kept me interested. The only criticism i have is that certain parts are left too long without any progression or action, for example, the part where he is standing on the tracks and the train is steadily getting closer, is left for too long, and makes it too predictable (not to be rude :P) just some faster movement of the story would make it a definite ten!

A Fair Start

It's obvious you put some work into this flash. The concept and story are fairly well thought out, but the pacing, animation, sound effects and voice quality all need some work. Keep at it; with a little polish I'm sure the could be a classic NG series.