Reviews for "Abysmal Adventures #1"

He's better then wolverine!

it gots good story too by the way :)


good story bra, just need to work on the animation a little.
@machia, holy shit i thought that exactly when watching it haha

Yo Yo

I like this story idea, please feel free to make a movie length feature out of it my friend. Did anyone think that the main looked like fry from futurama with black hair?

Very good.

Good movie, I love the first part LOL

It was good...

...but intentional or not, you lose style points for ending things at a lousy spot. There's always a good spot to end something and slap a "To be continued" on there, and where you cut off wasn't it. I'd say one last scene between Wojtek and the elf-father guy to cap things off would have worked.