Reviews for "Abysmal Adventures #1"

a bit mundane

you did a nice job animating and the story line was pretty good but you took too long to transition the flash from one point to another. It gets boring watching a hand move for 30seconds. also the sound quality was a bit lacking.


just too long a bit slow and not that funny honestly


It's rare to see original toons with great comic timing and an original premise. Well done!

It was pretty entertaining

I like the setting, as well as the genera idea. And how you refuse to take it seriously.

My only constructive criticism is that it was really slow in some parts. Having a scene drag on for the sake of humor is funny the first time, but when your flash is made up of a series of "long dry pauses" it starts to get stale.


Haha this amazing, I loved the dialogue the whole way through. The animation was also superb and this flash made me go look for more Abysmal Adventures.

The story line was very creative and well though through

And, +1 Fan!