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Hack Slash Crawl

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There are not enough isometric action RPGs on the internet, so I made one. Inspired by games like Diablo, and Roguelikes, I hoped to create a complex and entertaining game with a lot of replayability.

The engine features procedurally generated levels, items, and bosses. This way, the dungeon will be custom generated for you each time you play.

This is a much larger project than my past work, I hope you enjoy it!

(To those requesting a savegame feature, this is currently not implemented due to the large amount of data present in generated items. I intend to implement character saving in it's sequel.)

EDIT: In response to reviews - You can name your character whatever you like by clicking the characters name during creation! Also, many abilities scale with stats: for instance, charm's duration is improved as you get more Intellect.

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the way this game made middle school lunch for me was amazing


I have actually played this game and this has to be one of the best RPGs i have played in a while.

No matter how many times I play, this game finds a way to feel fresh and new to me. Good stuff. :) Though if I did have one gripe I had to address its that I can't play as the minotaur and skeleton. I'm not sure why but there ya go. If I could play as them It'd be even more awesome. All in all, good game with a fair amount of variety despite that.

Game broke. After I died I didn't respawn. Instead it went to a black map. Character is nowhere to be seen and I continually get EXP, HP, and MP. At first I thought it just glitched or that it was the games way of telling you game over restart the game. So I restarted the game and the same thing happened as soon as I hit play. So as it stands I cannot continue playing the game so I say it is broken.