Reviews for "Hack Slash Crawl"

Nice and basic

This game was enjoyable because it didn't attempt to be anything more than it should have been. The funny thing is that I kept clicking because I thought I had to when I went into battle. It is quite a time saver when you don't have to engage in turns when fighting your enemies. The graphics in this were really good. I also think it's very convienient how you have that map that shows you where you've been and where you're going. It's a little hard to understand, but still great overall.

It's nice to know that when you select an enemy, all the fighting is done for you. It's interesting to hear those well done sounds when you are fighting. The music is rather appropriate for an RPG like this. It's confusing when you select your character at the beginning, because everything is just flying around so much! It did not win any awards, but still got the views it deserved.

Absolutely brilliant!

What can I say? This is one of the best games I've played here in a long time. I've been having a blast trying different combinations to see what works best and see how far down I can go.

My only suggestion is the same as everyone else to add a save feature but with a small twist, not everyone has hours and hours to devote to marathon runs, so let the game autosave after you defeat the boss at the end of the level and give you and option to quite and continue later so you can come back.

I love that part of the challenge is to see how deep you can go without dying, and this would remove the single most frustrating part of this game; namely having to start over again every time I close the browser.

Other than that, it's a wonderful game with lots of replay value. I can't wait for the sequel.

Kinda reminds me of The Elder Scrolls

great game i really enjoeyd burning, hacking and mashing enemies
a lot of armors, spells make this game really special :)

Great game but OMFG...

I was getting pretty damn far in the game with a character I had. I had about 40000 pearls, was wearing deepforged stuff and etc. I get to a large boss room, and I suddenly become invisible (and all the monsters in the room also) and the floor looks like it disconnects from the rest of the room and my character's health gets totally sapped. I die and I'm like WOW goddamn glitch killed me, at least I'll get an awesome title. But no, after dying the game just froze and I had to reload the page and no damn title. Fucking glitch...

fun but...

my only pain with this game is not being able to continue with the current character. Drives me crazy that you cant do that. Its such a shame to not be able to continue with an already fleshed out character.