Reviews for "Hack Slash Crawl"

Really good game :D

It's addicting.


One of the best flash dungeon crawlers I've played in a long time. Though as people have said before me, an ability to save the game would definitely be a plus. Great game though.

Almost perfect

I have to admit I had a blast playing this game. However, the main flaw in this game is not being able to save your progress. Starting a new game every time gets annoying.

I would suggest the following to make it a little more interesting:
1. Ability to save progress
2. Guide on unlocking titles
3. Multiplayer

great hack-and-slash game

the controls are excellent and it's got some of the best gameplay i've seen.



I think i couldn't add more reviews than what ppl added...

I'd like to know 3 things, tho:
1- Is there any ending?
2- Could we have a "titles" listing somewhere and how to get each one of them?

Great game, kinda addictive. Unless there's no ending?