Reviews for "Hack Slash Crawl"

love this game, i like all the convinations that are possible for the chars.

the only one thing that this lacks is the possibility to be a female character to play (since i'm a girl, i allways like to use female characters c: )

but that is all the things that lacks this game, it's a very good one anyways.

LOVE THIS GAME! When i need a break from typing up an essay or doing research, i can just pull this up and have fun! :D

just put saving games in this danm game!!! also MAKE A SHOP I NEED TO GET STUFF WHY DO OU NEED MANA BALLS ANYWAYS?! THIS IS SO BAD! I'M GONNA PUT THIS TO A 0/5! you messed me up!

Anybody wanna know the game-changing trick to this game?
You can equip almost any item to any equipment slot as long as you have an item in the slot already. click the item in the equipment slot first then select the item in your inventory
I dont see the need for equipping more than one fish of luck... but its still nice

Top 5

This is hands down one of the best games in here. The SFX are great and the music is very appropriate for a hack & slash. The graphics are great too + easy as pie controls.

I don't really mind the missing autosave feature. It's all cool. Great game, deff deserves front page+ more awards. Well done Void24