Reviews for "Hack Slash Crawl"


i found a glitch that kept pouring exp into me then at lvl 15 it insta killed me

needs NG medals

lots of fun, gets addictive very quickly, stays funny for a long itme because of the different races and classes
but it lacks NG medals


Good game...many items....i like the idea of awarding titles that give bonuses for future play....10/10.....question: What do you do wih mana pearls?


is there any end to the dungeons?

my two scents

there isn't really a whole lot too throw in considering the three below me got tons of others, but i guess i should put my two scents in as well, when i saw the necromancer class i was absolutely thrilled... then i got too the later dungeons... only five damage max for three skeletons, and they can bairly take any damage? it kinda ruins the point of being a necromancer if everything sucks near the end? the skeletons stopped getting stronger around 30 int, and even tho they represent a monster 10 floors down, they can be beaten by monsters on the fifth floor (i slammed bonus stats into int, capped them at second floor) then the demon who i believe is the best character too have, adds natural fire damage too his normal attacks, which is incredibly handy, but like the others mentioned normal damage seemed too have reached a limit, even with higher damage weapons, it seems that the only way too ever reach the bottom (if there is one) is too have a character with AoE skills with lots of HP, MP, and Int... it needs balancing, too say the least, also maybe some learnable skills, because a hunter would have a bow or something, right? and learn archery type skills, etc... you got the basics done, you just need fine-tuning