Reviews for "Hack Slash Crawl"

Whoa dude

Everything was perfectly fine until I hit a totally gamebreaking glitch
I had used the charm spell, and suddenly the game gives me a million levels, i can't see myself, and something kills me instantly. screen goes black, music still plays but the game is wrecked.
I liked the game up until that point, and i couldn't be bothered to get that far all over again. Nice game though, just that glitch severely broke the game.

Void24 responds:

I am sorry to hear that this happened. I have been trying to track down this particularly nasty bug for a while, but it is very hard to recreate.

I will keep working on it though.

Only thing missing is a save

Can't lower it for that, but if you rewarded medals for each floor of the dungeon and the medals had ribbons for whatever items you had on you when you began the new floor. Then whatever medal you have takes you to directly to that floor with the items and ribbons when you join the game. This would decrease the file size I believe. Just a suggestion

this game is awesome

i really spent too much time playing it, but it's great!

made it glitch

i charged at an enemy who was close to a wall, and then everything went wonky; my screen showed nothing but wall, my map disappeared, my health drained very very quickly, and my xp FILLED very very quickly... then when i "died" the whole screen went black the music continued to play, and nothing i tried did anything.
HOWEVER, i would like to add that this was very fun and inventive, and it will go on my favorite list. but please look into that glitch


Now this is a Massively addicting Roll Playing Game!