Reviews for "Hack Slash Crawl"

Fairly well done

Played a Golem Fighter, and it seemed like the loot drops were skewed to be things he could use ... more armor & weapons than staves. Going pure brute force meant that the spells sucked ass, since my intellect & willpower weren't enough to make most spells worthwhile (EG: heal was pathetic). However, person complaining about 45 str and capping at 25 dmg... I had 50 str and an ax with 12-16 or something dmg, and regularly saw my dude doing 45 dmg. But when I got a perfect winged bladed that did 35-36 dmg, it seemed like my damage dropped to 30's & 20's. Not sure why. It's an interesting game, but if you're going all fighter/warrior, you get screwed if you get too many folks chasing you, especially those charger guys...they'll just plow into you from behind until you die. Entangle spell helps, but still you just get screwed later on without a way of retreating effectively. A haste spell would be nice. :)

Brain teaser

Lots of customization which is a plus but sadly alot of the classes hardly give you an advantage. Dryad, kitilid, and vampire are horrible to me. entangle is okay in small groups but I got ambushed by as many as 8 enemies at one time. I cant find any use for poison or swarm and the best increase I got before dying for Vamp was 3hp a hit. You can use real money to buy a melee character and a healer but data doesn't save so why bother. Duelist, charmer, and reaper add to bad skills. Duelist increases strength when attacked by "1" opponent. Good luck there. Charmer allows you to charm a monster for like 4 seconds and then it will turn back against you. Granted you can charm bosses but for 100mp the time limit is just too short for practical use. Reaper allows you 1 ultra hit just "1" per crit cast. Combined they could be devastating like entangle plus insect swarm or duelist/crit strike on one opponent but you really have to strategize to make them work.
Moving on to loot.
How come I drop 9+ floors and still monsters drop crap items like plus 1 def helms? On my fourth play I got lucky with a pair of shoes with plus 4 str/def/will on the second floor but after that junk. Then on my seventh play I got weapons with opposite stats. Swords with intellect and wands with strength. I got 3 axes 6-18 attack. 2 of them had 8 willstats and the last one had 2 str.
The stats are okay but str eludes me. I had 45 points in str yet my max damage was 23 even with a 11-15 sword?
enemies are decent. elemental skeletons, a magic resistant ball, floating armor, yet where are the enemies from the classes? Rock monsters? Plants? Insects? Maybe I just didn't make it far enough. I really see alot of potential here. I plan to do a fire caster run but I will take a break for now. Thanx for the entertainment.

I actually love this game!

I've given you a 5/5 rating and a 10 star review... but what I have also done is sent you a PM with some suggestions as to what you could add if you make a sequel or a updated version to make it interesting. Hope it helps!

Make # 2 Or give us a save

This is the dream of every rpg player.Floors,levels,items and bosses

Many of us dont need a story.We just need that Hack Slash Crawl experience to enjoy.

You give an awsome customisation to begin with.

The only improves that should be made here are

1)Save system
2)Customisation of Character's name
3)More item variety

Dear NG

...please allow this author more space so a save feature can be implemented. This game deserves it and needs it. Awesome otherwise.

Void24 responds:

I have the space I need, I just need to create a cleaner itemID system, which will take time.

In all honesty I did not anticipate that the need for a save would be so great.