Reviews for "Hack Slash Crawl"


The only thing it is really missing is the save, but i get that the file size would be huge, so I am not dropping my score at all. Great Game!

Well done.

Awesome dungeon crawl game...Mochi should be proud!


I have searched online repeatedly, night after night, for a relatively good dungeon crawl game... I have found a few, but nothing nearly as awesome as your submission !! This game has randomly generated items that the user may use, an inventory screen that allows for comparing equipped items with available equipment, an awesome character selection screen with different stat boosts available to each different type of character... WoW... If you are looking for a good dungeon crawl game... The buck stops here. Thank You Void24! I am absolutely looking forward to the character saving sequel !!


Story:N/A...no story,so I'm not rating it.

Gameplay:The game is quite too easy,but it's actually very great.I love RPG's,Especially Final Fantasy 1 and 2,and Chrono Trigger,so I love this.If this doesn't pass the judgement portal,I'll be baffled.No points off.

Current Rating:10/10

Sound:It's just one track looping,methinks.1 point off.

Current Rating:9/10

Graphics:Very good for a flash game...no points off.

Current Rating:9/10

Overall:Check this game out,or die!


Cool stuff, pretty well made and enjoyable game. Nice work and I hope to see more!