Mutate the Labrat 2

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OK, after 5 years, i still get emails about the first mutate labrat. Here's the second part. It's a bit complicated for everybody, but i hope this appeals to the fans of the first one.

Manage you personnel, craft chemicals and implants, mutate your monster and fight other monsters.
This also features a thumbnail generator, so you can turn your monster into an avatar.

1. Antitox is probably the most important chem. With lots of Antitox, you can keep on injecting/irradiating your monster with mutagen without suffering the effects of high toxicity.
2. Crafting items will save you money in the long run. Buying ready made items cost you a little extra.
3. Mining is the most reliable source of income, but check on your mining sites often as miners tend to die from mining accidents from time to time.
4. Limit the amount of fusing. Every time you fuse two labrats, you increase it's fusion level. Labrats with higher fusion levels are harder to fuse again.
5. Attack types are determined by the type of spikes growing on a labrat's bodypart. On the other hand, armor types are seen by what type of skin a labrat has (texture).
6. Attack sites (red button on world map) usually contain very high level monsters. If you can beat this encounter, it may prove to be very profitable.

FIXED: pricing issue. It takes some time for the version control to update, but if it does, the version on the title page should say 1.8.3
-Miners are 2x less likely to die in accidents
-Starting money 10k
-More miners at the start


One Problem

When crafting items it sometimes takes 3 instead of 2

>IE. I will craft a muscle and I have run to the last E-Boost on one stack so it takes that last one and two out of the next stack

You might wanna change the stack number or something and sorry if this bug has been stated before.
Great game despite some of the bugs.

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...the fusions are confusing as to why the percent chance of it happeing when i do ha 55% chance thing twice that should mean it happens >.> there are something that could have been done better but all round its good :3

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I would have to say this game is amazing. but there is always room for improvement. Correct? Oh btw I'm REALLY hoping you make a 3rd game... almost somewhat like this game called CritterForge. but anways, Great game. nice graphics and cool gameplay. keep up the good work! ^_^

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Great Game

Great game hard at first but once u figure it out it is really easy and fun.


The first one is better then this!

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4.12 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2010
8:45 AM EDT
Simulation - Pet / Buddy
  • Daily 3rd Place September 24, 2010