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Escape the 13th Floor

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While walking home late one night a car stopped and you heard a strange voice. That voice is the last thing you can remember...

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Fun and challenging but It took me so long to complete and the ending just made me sad. Great Game Though 3 out of 5

There isn't much to say that hasn't already been said. I agree with the taking care in the object placements. Obvious solutions are null here. Ending was rather blah.
However, there was plenty of exploring that made it more enjoyable than just turning around in the same room. I DID get stuck at the safe, til I realized the significance of the blue paper. Lol
All in all, it was a fun game. Just minor changes/fixes needed.

Oh! I almost forgot. One part of the game kinda upset me. Having to hunt down 4 quarters, due to the change machine ripping me off. What's up with that? Could've had that machine moved along time ago. Lol

liked it, its a good escape game with a lot of explore. but why it is called escape the 13th floor when you have to get out of the whole building? i was suprized when i got into the vent and were on the 12th floor.

this was fun, had to think, and a lot to explore. I liked the puzzles.

cool game