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Reviews for "Escape the 13th Floor"


On Newgrounds, I usually play escape games. This is the best one I've ever played! Great job! Will there be another one soon?

great puzzle

wow that kept me playing it was great though personally i would have thrown a table at the front door and left lol

A prize

You win a prize! Favorite places in this game: Movie Theater and Arcade!

Legitimately fun and fairly polished game.

The art could use work and sometimes it seemed like the modes of travel seemed unecessary and lengthened the trip from one particular floor to another, but overall everything flowed well, the puzzles made sense, and it took me a long time to actually get stuck (I wouldn't have once resorted to a walkthrough had I seen that button next to the fortune-telling curtain before). I will say right now the puzzle with the safe was my favorite part of the whole game and that alone makes me want to play more point-and-click games by you.

Beyond Epic

It was very elaborate, the visuals were great, and the way items interacted was stunning. This game was very challenging, especially while at the office. The game is all around perfect, and I would love to see more "Escape" games.

10/10, amazing game.