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Reviews for "Escape the 13th Floor"

Nicely constructed

The commenter before me must be the actual dipsh*t, as the game wasn't too horribly difficult to figure out. It was just right, I'd say - not so difficult as to be frustrating, but not so easy as to be lame. Lots of going back & forth from one level to another & back again, but that's what makes for a good point-n-click puzzler like this. Great job! :-)

First game in awhile that

....that i didn't need a walkthrough to finish. Good job.

Pretty Fun

Pretty good game. Also, for those who read and agree with Alpha-Nuva about that last "puzzle with all those switches", that wasn't a puzzle, that was a circuit breaker/fuse box. You have one in the building you live in. If power goes out in one part of your building, a fuse tripped. If you ever do electrical work in your building, the first thing that should be done before you begin working with the wires is flip off the appropriate switches. Woo learning. Also, thanks Kiba-Kurokage (Fang-Blackshadow in English if taken part for part) for the might-as-well-be-a-walkthrough hint review.


But my only negative comment is that you never find out why you were in that mall

Not bad

I completed the game, and seing as there is no walkthrough, and many people have asked, I will go on and provide a brief hint section for those who need help. In the office, the password is in the believe poster, the shapes on the computer have something to do with the password to the safe behind the poster, the door to the chi shop is opened by the fire/earth/water posters, and the bo staff is used on the bottom floor to get the crystal ball, which should be pretty easy to figure out from there.

Onto a critisim, this game was fairly well made, and interesting indeed, though more reason aand backstory would be nice in future games.