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Reviews for "Escape the 13th Floor"

Took me a while!

Had to use the walkthrough for the code in the blue office room, but overall a FANTASTIC Escape game.


I actually beat it without a hint from reviews or walkthrough I just might die. I rate this low because everything is out of place and just plain silly. A key tied to rope. just cut with screwdriver. the change machine only gives you a quarter for a dollar? Why should i push a button for a curtain? Lastly why is the top floor a janitor room? To help some peeps out the safe combination is the number of sides of the blue shapes.


WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP if i play a game i at least want some kind of ending istead of "you win"

It was fun

A little tricky here and there where the clues were vague, but in all the right ways. Apart from the items, it was pretty good overall! My qualm with the items was that they don't enlarge when you take them out of your inventory - so, for example, the torch looks like a matstick more than a flashlight.
Great job!


..with the computer?