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Reviews for "Escape the 13th Floor"


It was alright, but either it was too easy or too hard. I didn't make it super far, but got stuck at a part. Couldn't get the gold key, had a flashlight with batteries and a screwdriver which I used. Got the elevator working, etc. I just gave up but wanted to see the walkthrough to figure out how to solve where I got stuck. Couldn't find a walkthrough inless I'm blind..?

It was a basic game, nothing too tricky. I think the many levels made it confusing. Also.. Not sure if it had anything to do with solving the game, but at the burger shop, I could click the hamburger on the sign, even though it didn't do anything for me. No description came up either.

good good

It's a good point and click game, however I am unfortunately stuck, I can't get the gold key, and I can't pass the computer part inside the lawyers office, if someone could please help, i would appreciate it
thank you :)

'Course, nobody can tell you about the 13th floor.

I didn't see the "13th Floor" movie and I doubt it has any reference to this anyhow. This is an escape game and it was indeed perplexing for a while. But I...being of sound, mind, and stubborn behavior...cracked that sucker and am currently looking for whoever took me to gank 'em with the katana!

The thing I wanna know is this... Why the hell is ANYONE complaining about what you can or can't use to do things, like cutting the key down or pressing the button or opening the safe? THe clues were right there. You can put 2 and 2 together. It's only 2 plus 3 that equals- CHAIN!

*Dodges swivel chair*

Seems straightforward enough to me. I suppose the thing that gets me is that once you're a dude armed with a katana and you're on the first floor, a GLASS DOOR shouldn't be an obstacle. That's like trying to block Jackie Chan with paper. I guess my dude was just too nice to break out that way. No matter.

Now, I've given you a ten, but in order to find it, you'll have to go back into the building and get that one burger...

like it!

The most logic game of this type i've ever played.

I have a question...

I´ve played games like this, but this is the first one I´ve succesfully beaten without giving up. Though it took some time finding the safe, the game was pretty easy. Mostly because the items were not hidden under corners of couches or anything.

QUESTION: Why is it called Escape the 13th Floor? It should of said "CONGRATULATIONS" once I made it to floor 12.