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Reviews for "Escape the 13th Floor"

Good enough game

For an escape game, it is above average. The puzzles are difficult yet simple, the layout is easy to follow, and the whole game is well executed. The only thing that left me irritated was the ending. You get outside and (spoiler alert!) NOTHING HAPPENS! What was with the strange voice? Why were you on the 13th floor? Don't make a comment that doesn't fit your game! Or, at least give us something of an ending!
All in all good game.
4/5 8/10

Need to pay attention to what you put in the game.

It is really annoying when I can think of several easy solution to some of the puzzles involving objects that can't be interacted with. As an example there are numerous items around that could be used to push the red button that is out of reach but for some reason those items can't be used so I have to wander around to find an arbitrary method. Your going to have to be more careful about the objects just lying around.


its awesome :D


I was excited when I saw the title because I figured it was point/click. You did not disappoint. Great music, well drawn.
-1 because standing on a rolling chair is a safety hazard.

That was pretty good

I liked the general feel of the game and the mechanics were done well (the movement system was good, it didn't get in the way like it can in some games), the graphics were reasonable for a point and click, I think most of the puzzle solving was good but the combination for the safe was pretty damn hard (for me at least) and nearly made me give up on it. All in all an above average and fun to play game (with one bloody annoying bit lol)