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Consider yourself one of the lucky ones, prisoner. You've been given the privilege of piloting a JUGGERNAUT.

Each week you will leave your cell to participate in the weeks event. Survive, entertain the crowd, upgrade your Jugger and you might just earn your freedom.


Get all 20 achievements to unlock "Bertha".


WASD - Movement
Space Bar - Fire LEFT side Weapons
Mouse - Aim / Fire RIGHT side Weapons

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pretty fun


My nostalgic appreciation of Mech Warrior/Commander made me interested in this game. Seems like more fun than it is -- it's not too fun to play. It's not much of a challenge either, at least, so it's not frustrating. Of the Con-Artists games, this is the one that featured the worst buyer's remorse -- a fair bit of the goods are plain mediocre. At least you can sell them back for some of the cost. You can get enough money to just about try everything, to be fair.

If you want the walkthrough hints: I found the shotgun cannon thing to be the best versus prisoners and the grenade launcher the best for mechs, as well as the second best for prisoners. Flamer is third best for them if only because it's so short ranged and makes you faff about the arena all the harder. Rockets were crap. Mines hurt, but aren't efficient when enemies spawn from 4 different zones randomly and frequently. Laser is too slow and precise. Didn't try the EMP gun. The rocket volley seemed forgettable, though maybe equipping 4 of them is fun. Same goes for the chainguns. I did equip 4 of the starting guns for the final boss -- didn't seem very good for it, but I beat him.
Heat sinks seemed more useful to equip than the other gear items, even when ignoring the prices. Upgrades are worthwhile, as you'd expect. Movement upgrade least of all, perhaps.

My gripe with the game is the movement. Even with the upgrades, it feels very sluggish and opposite of agile. You can pick up some speed, but it's a relatively small arena every time, foes spawning from all directions constantly, you gotta faff around it nonstop to avoid the flak and it's a bit too slow to turn and accelerating is also rather slow. I get that it's a mech, but given the style of gameplay, it's not enjoyable for it to feel so cumbersome. A more agile mech and tougher and/or more foes to balance it out might've been called for.

Boss hint: strafe the middle of the arena to avoid his shit and gun him down as he stays parked.
Overall hint: do go for the grenade launchers. They spread around and got some AOE, meaning you don't have to aim well, which isn't easy or fun to do in this game.

I would have given you 4 stars, but I found out things along the way.

I do not like the by and sell feature.
After working my butt off to afford a laser and bought one, going to sell the unneeded basic gun at the next round, when I pressed the -SELL- button, resulted in me selling the -mounted- laser turret. That pissed me off.

It wasn't until the 5th or 7th round when I found out I was only firing half my weapons with the mouse button. I cannot remember an arcade style mech game, in newgrounds, where the gun controls were setup like that. Aiming with the mouse, steering with the keys and firing with the spacebar? I am baffled how anyone finds that appealing.

Feels too much like Red Storm

Sorry, I'm not going back to this.

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4.06 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2009
6:37 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional