Reviews for "Juggerdome"


i love this game and everything about it ty for making in i love u :D


Great graphics, special effects and gameplay.

I was determined to beat this game, and it proved addictive enough to keep me playing well into the early hours of the morning!

Some minor criticisms and suggestions for the sequel:

- Adding "cover" to some of the arenas would give the game a lot more tactical depth, although I realize it would also complicate the AI programming quite a bit.

- The "capture" matches don't work too well because they require the player to sit still on a capture point while under fire. Something like Unreal Tournament's "Domination" matches would be preferable.

- A "progress bar" showing percentage-completion of the match objective would be a handy (though not essential) feature.

You get a 10 because ive played this before.

Ive Played this game before so you get a 10.
there is a glitch where whenever you press play it goes back to the play button.
it should be easy to fix.
other than that i love your work. keep it up!


this reminds me of death race

it was good but.....

PLEASE READ THIS AUTHOR: @ Brutalplayer, I had the same issue, I had to fresh my browser at least 15 times for the game to finally load up correctly. It would get to the logo then just reset. I don't know if the adds are the problem or what but it's an issue that needs to be addressed. Although I was very frustrated of not being able to load the game - when I finally did i found it to be very addicting and I played it through to the end so I will rate fairly.