Reviews for "Juggerdome"


Seems to have promise, I guess. But I can't move.

(No, there's nothing wrong with my keyboard, wasd works fine(otherwise how would I type that? :P)


great game bad controls

Good game, poor controls

This game has massive potential, but it has lousy controls.

Play hard, you'll forget the fear!

Well, this is certainly a very nice take on Smash TV! :-D
Add some gratious gore, a nifty post-apocalyptic scenario and one hard-rockin' soundtrack, and you've got a game that entertains for quite some time. I like it!

P.S.: 10 experience points for you if you know the movie reference! :-D

uhhhh, well?

the controls are OK....but, everytime i press" w","a","s" or "d", my guy keeps going w","a","s" or "d......other than that, it is ok.

and with the wasd thing? my keyboard is working fine