Reviews for "Juggerdome"

Nikki's Rating

It was okay, but it didn't personally appeal to me. Some medals would be cool. It's just one of those games that dosen't really stick out to me. It needs better controls.
* * 1/2
overall Enjoyment-5

This Flash is Crunk Fo Shizle

I ended up playing through it twice (after i got the Juggernaut's Nukes). Short but fun. Not much story not much diversity but it's fun as hell (aside the lag i get when i use the shotguns or the multi-missiles). If it weren't for that mad lag i get i'd give 10/10 and 5/5. (I only give 9/10 4/5 because i noticed i wasn't the only one getting lag).

I would love to see more like this, with more missions and more upgrades/weapons.


the graphics suck but the game is fun


HOWLY CRAP!!!!! This game is LEGEND!!!!!!

Quite good

Even on the lowest setting, lag was annoying. Also, it took to long to build up enough to kill champ.
Another thing...make some challenges or something like that so we can actually use the money earned on the last level, otherwise it is pointless.