Reviews for "Juggerdome"


Reminds me of SuperJail. Nice work man. I didnt like the gameplay and there was too little.....blood, mwhahahahahahahahaha!!!!


Fantastic game but to short make a lot of fun =)

Great game.

Mamno. There is a upgrade to do that. In the equip screen, bottom right. This is a great game. A little annoying with the 2-button firing thing, and the accuracy was a bit off, but all in all, a well made piece of work. Well done.

As usual

Games by Con-Artists are FUCKING AWESOME!

However to ultimate mech to make, is just put on heat sinks upgrade everything. Then use prox mines in ALL your weapon slots. Just run around and drop mines everywhere. Killed the last boss in 8 seconds.

When is the next Last Stand?


I love this game it never gets boring. Oh and for the people who do not like the space bar I do not have a problem with it so you all just can't see a good game if it was right in front of you.