Reviews for "Juggerdome"

It's over too soon, there's no damn survivor mode, and that's why it's 4.5


I loved to play it.
Very nice story and so very good atmosphere.
Great Idea and gameconcept.
Good Graphic and pretty Sound
makes a lot of fun to play


not too bad. i like it. but still there are better games.


Little laggy with big fights, but sorts itself out quite quickly. Great fun, and a great game :). Agree the spacebar should be changed to the right mouse button, but don't agree with getting rid of the mouse cursor (sumguy0136).

I enjoyed it pretty thoroughly, however...

The controls were a little bit difficult. Once you get up to the later levels it's not that big of a deal because with the weapons you get you can just hit the fire button while moving instead of just holding it down like you would in the earlier levels with the cannons. I liked it a lot though because it was fun and there was definitely a lot to it and I'm a big fan of complexity.

The thing is though... I'm playing on a laptop so I could use my right hand for both the mouse and the space bar while leaving my left hand to handle the movements alone which I can imagine would be a lot more difficult then if I had a mouse because then I would have to use my left hand for the space bar and movements (which I tried and it felt unbelievably awkward and difficult to focus on movement which is definitely the most important thing in the game when your talking along the terms of king of the hill and survival rounds} .

I would recommend instead of having the mouse aim, take away the aim cursor all together and simply make the direction keys be the only way to aim. That way you could keep the buttons the way they are but you wouldn't have to worry about aiming too much which would make it a little easier to control. Instead of the reticle cursor you should put a little arrow on the front of the jugger so we can see which direction we are firing.

W would be move forward S move backward and A and D would only turn you not move you left or right. You would still have the 36O degree turn function and the only thing you would sacrifice in terms of movement would be strafing left and right which you could add that with Q and E that way if you want to fire in the same direction but continue moving to make yourself harder to hit. Just a few suggestions for ya.