Reviews for "Juggerdome"


That was awesome! so much fun. great upgrades great battles. Just plain awesome :D

Awsome game

This game is so FUN!!!


For all those who wondering whats Bertha well its a mini nuke the champ at the end has that sorta missle launcher :D

Battletech + Mad Max = Juggerdome

Nice. You've alloyed the mechanical pwny joy of deadly mecha (as in Battletech) with the gritty splatterfest of dystopian justice. It's like Death Race had a baby with legs. And that child grew up in Futuristic Rome, where convicts were sentenced to get pwn'd. Nice. Needs to be longer, with more game modes - like custom battle.

this game is pretty good

i like it. its original, it fun, but it is hard. im not saying thats a bad thing, its just not my favorite.