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Vector Boom

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Simply beat Normal Mode to complete!

GLORIOUS 100 Points

Earn 225,000 points in Survival Mode.

Author Comments

Eric and I have been told that explosions don't make sound in space... we think it'd be awesome if they did.

Vector Boom pits your space station against a vast incoming armada of spacecraft. Fortunately you've got an awesome weapon on board. Click and drag your mouse outward to create a blast radius that will destroy everything in it's path. But watch out, the bigger the explosions, the more energy you will use up!


Controls are listed in game. Click and drag the mouse to create a blast radius and destroy enemies / pick up power ups. 'P' for Pause.

Walkthrough / Tips:

* It's best to click in the center of a cluster of enemies and drag outward since your blast radius is just that, a radius, and starts in the middle.

* Kill enemies that shoot at you first!

* The Max Energy power up gives you infinite energy so let those full screen explosions rip!

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Fun game here

Well here was a fun game, lots of levels and lots of upgrades the graphics are really good I actually spent a lot of time on this but I could see you adding more medals, really entertaining game and it keeps you interested so nothing dull here just a fun shooter up game


Nice classical space-shooter, and also probably one of the first ones on newgrounds.

I don't know if it may be an issue caused by the NG player, but if playing on anything close to fullscreen, the enemies spawn and shoot from outside the screen, making it impossible to kill them before they already started shooting, which makes stages with those yellow ships with purple lasers almost impossible unless shooting a charged shot to the edge where they are.

However, I managed to "fix" that by playing in windowed mode and having the game cover only about half my screen. It seems the game's window size determines where the ships spawn, so making it smaller I actually managed to get them spawn even close to my base, where they just started moving toward me, giving me plenty time to shoot them before they fired their first shots. So if you encounter that problem of unreachable ships, make your window smaller and it may fix that issue. I had no more problems for the reamaining stages , and even on survival mode I managed to get the medal on first try with a score of 300k+.

Some tips for the gameplay itself:
- shoot bigger shots at clusters of enemies, preferably those that shoot back, priority are the small yellow ones and the big purple ones, because their attacks deal most damage.
- don't collect the power ups immediately, but wait until a fitting wave spawns. Shield for shooting ones, max power to spam into all corners for cleaning the screen quickly.
- shoot the bigger ships with little rapid shots, that's more effective than big ones.
- those floating mines that pop up sometimes summon a wave of rockets if you destroy them, so don't shoot them if there's already plenty enemies to take care of.
- if for some reason you get stuck at a wave, you may want to restart the campaign and "farm" exp on the earlier stages by leaving a big red ship or a cluster of small ones alive and repeatedly shooting at their projectiles instead. You get exp for that, which will be money in the upgrade menu. Keep that up until your health is quite low, even then you should be able to finish the early stages, since you barely get hit there if you play smart.

By the way, half those tips can be read up there in the game description, but I know how easy it is to ignore it when starting a game :P

woah it was very difficult especially when enemies where by health bar

All this game is missing is a highscore table... and maybe an easier survival medal, seems like reaching 225 is based more on luck with power ups than actual combat ability, since there is only so much you can do to stay safe (get a shield or max power) while incinerating targets the fastest you can. I enjoyed Normal mode though, and the style of attack feels pretty refreshing compared to the usual click and kill. Simple, innovative and spacey fun. Good game!


It's not bad...but why would you put enemies on the screen that I can't even touch unless I get lucky and get a powerup...

Credits & Info

4.06 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2009
12:06 PM EDT