Reviews for "Vector Boom"

Fun game

Everything was spot on, reminds me of Missile Command whether or not it was your intention, this game has some nostalgic feeling because of that.

Nice work

I love this game. It's totally awesome. My only complaint is that it's too short. Otherwise nice job.


Good game, but the boss is easy...with a max power =p

Quite addictive.

This was very fun,the concept of it was neat having a giant space station firing huge lazer booms against an armada of space enemies,the control was great and easy to handle so honestly it fit really good for me cause i didn't think it was easy really but did beat it my first try,overall i think you did a great job on this game.

sweet game dude

i unlocked the money bonus because i finished the story :P
so i could buy all upgrades in survival :P
wave 537... that's sick XD

great game