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Reviews for "Vector Boom"

Good but too easy

this game's pretty fun and the power-ups add that extra oomph! but once you get almost all the way upgraded it's too easy to destroy even the hardest ship

Love this game very much!

And where can I find the music?

Fun revision of classic game. Powerups ambiguous

The Good: Very fun game! It's like a combination of asteroids and missile command. Because of the game style itself, you can't really have gun upgrades like scrolling space shooters, so it's good that you created powerups. I like the varied spacecraft and the ability to maximize the potential of your space ship.

Areas for Improvement: Each powerup needs a unique and recognizable icon. Simply changing the color between them all is confusing because the typical user won't be able to remember which is which. You have a nice variety of ships, but perhaps a change of setting as you progress (with a corresponding change of enemies) would be good for this game, as playing in space indefinitely with the same waves of enemies gets old after a while. Consider integrating cookies into the game so the website keeps track of whose beaten it and who hasn't. My web browser crashed after beating it, so to get the survival medal I had to go back and re-beat it (something I didn't want to have to do...) so it'd unlock the $100,000 and I could buy the powerups to wi the Survival Medal.

Fun game :) I enjoyed beating it (the first time through...) and getting the medals.

Expertly Done!

Graphics: 9/10 - Very cool backgrounds, good cinematics, some cool fading and glow effects, great graphics for the spacecraft, although the minion spaceships seemed a bit simple.
Sound: 10/10 - Music didn't get old, nice quality, very satisfying explosion sounds.
Style: 10/10 - Everything about it was awesome!!! Great art style, great gameplay style, very neat concept, everything was delicious!
Gameplay: 15/10 - Very good style of gameplay. I love how a new player is instantly handed incredible power, although it's their job to be responsible with it. Also great about it was how simple the gameplay was, and how there were so many levels of difficulty. Upgrades were definitely cool, but more than anything I loved the way the player attacked. Very original and easy to use.

This game was an absolute joy to play!!

A very decent game.

It kept me entertained for a few minutes.


The difficulty level is rightly set: it puts up a good fight. The spacecraft visuals are good and the BG visuals are made well. A good variety of enemies which forces the player to think more strategically ( unless of course they have the Max energy powerup).


There was no scoreboard for the Survival mode. Power-ups were a bit plentiful in some levels making them easier than they should've been.

Great game but needs just a bit more. 84/100 A