Reviews for "Vector Boom"


Creative....the way of shooting amazed me.I Died few times on last levels,shame i died once on first level also =D but it was funny,anyway...there should be more levels.


Really fun and innovative. I lol'd at the "fail" rain when I blew up.

somewhat fun

needs more levels, upgrades, and reward
make it more intersting
though its a bit unique

Good but.............

I could not get any of the medals

Beaten It!

Awesome game dude, good job!

Took me an awful while to beat and the last boss was FUCKING hard! Seriously, good job! It's a challenging sci-fi game...what more can I say?

A few suggestions though...MAKE VECTOR BOOM 2!

And add few more levels like 20 more or so and more upgrades...probably new ships too?

I enjoyed this game! 5/5 10/10!