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Reviews for "Vector Boom"


only criticism ive got is there should be more space the ships seem to pop out of nowhere apart from thatone of the best defence games ive played on new ground, seriously cool game


the game is fun and addicting. I like how it is only 10 levels and you add more enemies at an appropriate rate. It isn't repetitive because of those two factors and I disagree with everyone else, you have more than enough cash throughout the game. The survival mode was quite fun, I got to wave 500 and then died. I am a little concerned because the medals I earned haven't appeared yet. I hope they aren't glitched.


Love it!


so you know... Gliched on lvl 9 in norm mode. I killed 3 guys and won, after loosing the 1st time around.

also, the ships size and placement were the only things that bothered me.
had too much fun dragging explosions to care though, lol.


I haven't played a flash game all the way through before! This really hooked my attention, and the leveling up made it far more interesting as the game went on. The turrets didn't seem quite as cool as they could have been though. Maybe make them fire bright lasers or something?
But seriously fun! I look forward to it if you make another.