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Reviews for "Vector Boom"

Fun...vary fun

Man this is a game you have us use our mind without know it. lol

(I got both medals ^-^)

Fun game

More games in newgrounds should be like this.
By the way this game is great and hope their would be another one out soon.
So keep up the good work.

Very fun!

In a nutshell, this game was very fun. It seemed, at least to me, that you had just the perfect difficulty curve here. If you make a sequel, I'd have to suggest more upgrades that you can add to your ship, but that's just me.

Glorious game

i love it ;)

Impossible to Play

One of my CPUs was constantly on 100%. I don't see why this could be, since I've played much more graphically intense games and had no issues with them. Even setting the graphics level to Low was not enough to send my CPU below 100%. This made the game unplayable. I suggest you check your code to see what could be taking so much power.

But other than that, I found the game enterntaining. It's been done, in one way or another, quite a few times. Graphics were nice, music was simple, sfx sufficient. Can't talk about gameplay, cause I couldn't really play like you meant the game to be played.

As mentioned before, the powerups were indistinguishable, but then again, who cares? I just took them all. :)