Reviews for "Vector Boom"

Total Epicness

I though this was a marvelous, and quite hectic (in an awesome way) at times. I got toasted somewhere before the end of the normal mode; but enjoyed every minute of it.

Everything ran smooth. It challenged you to either reserve power with small shots, or blast big rounds...Tactical choice is a great game trait.

Thanks man, good work!

really fun

hard though im pissed I lost when i was probably so close to the end but it was fun


nicley done i liked it lol


so you know... Gliched on lvl 9 in norm mode. I killed 3 guys and won, after loosing the 1st time around.

also, the ships size and placement were the only things that bothered me.
had too much fun dragging explosions to care though, lol.

10/10 favorited

extremely addicting, i will be playing it all day long from now on =-D thanks