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SHS: reel 2

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SuperHero Slayers: Reel 2

Edit: I've updated some parts, but the problem for sound lag is still there.

A few of you might have watched this movie before, it was once submitted here. But i took it down and started to re-developed the whole plot and remade the animations. This movie may bear similarities to several anime such as Bleach and Naruto, so it may seem so unoriginal. But ever since i started using characters such as superman and xmen i never thought of this as an original content. lol
The sounds also doesn't seemed to sync so well, i've tried everything, but it doesn't worked. -_-

Anyway, please enjoy this movie! The assault begins and the superheroes will face their toughest fight ever, against the unknown enemies. This reel is more of a build-up to the battles episode, so they isn't much actions scenes. sorry!

Thanks D-mac, who helped me almost with everything from the scripts to voices, thanks the VAs for their voices and thanks the Prodigal Sons for being so cool!

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I feel bad that this has more views than the animutation SHS. I just love animutation that much! I still understand why so many people love this. I really liked the animation and I appreciated seeing all these superheroes. It's great to see these characters interact. It really is done in character with everybody.

There were also a lot of really funny moments. The pacing is very well done. I like the idea of all the superheroes living in the same place, more or less. I guess it's like "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". It's a stylistic tribute.


i think it's good, but i don't think the ripoff you took of naruto fits in, you should just call it, Naruto Vs. Marvel or something like that, i like the DBZ moves you put in though.


Your music at the end sounds very familiar, where did you get it from?

Greetings Mr. SuperMan I'm Here for your life



But does anyone else wish that the flaming torch and the thing were in it?