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Reviews for "SHS: reel 2"


i dont use to tell the people that the story sucks as other people do, i dont think it sucks, usualy im watching the rest of it, and the animation was great =D


I don't like the way Batman had to die so easy, obvious reasons, but I do like the way you incorporated your versions of villains from certain anime like Naruto and Rurouni Kenshin if I had to guess...


An improvement over the first


Loved the way all the bad guys had a British Accent, we're good for that.
And I loved the Warcraft 3 music at the end. YOU R0XX0RZ M4H S0XX0RZ


Great flick, but batman is the best superhero of them all, can't disrespect the one superhero who doesn't have bullshit superpowers.