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Reviews for "SHS: reel 2"


huh... then good thing i don't watch Naruto or Bleach, this is totally original to me, lol, and it was awesome! but... i have to say... the guy with the purple hair... that move he did... kinda seemed like Burning Attack by Trunks

Pearl Harbor?

lol looks like East vs West, the bad guys were too typical looking. The voice acting is what amazed me the most. The plot is good, however the way the characters are drawn takes away the seriousness. There is good humor in this flash series. But I really dislike the idea of the bad guys looking like final fantasy characters.

Good job on making a series out of it though, keep practicing.

Awesome episode.

Glad to see a great deal of plot was employed in this episode and a whole lot more action scenes too,animation was even a lot better with a lot more detail too,excellent work dude i am really liking this series. =)

Love it

Was the guy fighting superman based on agent smith from the matrix? I thought he might be from the way he said "mr.superman," reminded me of how smith always says mr.anderson


Maaaan this one ROCK!!!!!I like It!I like It!I SOO LIKE IT!!!I want some more