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Reviews for "SHS: reel 2"

I Like your senser of humor

your skills are quite amazing. it's very entertaining for me and certainly deserves to stay here for quite a while.

Yeah that work for me!!

pretty nice the story the animation the funny part really a word for the creator. Dont be shy to make a 3rd you wont lose your time making it I know I didnt lose mine watching it!! can't wait for part 3.

Xennethy responds:

Hey thanks! The 3rd one is currently in the making . Expect to see it soon! :D

scientists should know that ...

mr. fantastic: what is that?!
invisible woman: he summoned a monster!
me: actually, i'm pretty sure it's a t-rex. i thought you guys were supposed to be some sort of uber-smart scientists ...
fantastic four sux.
but it seems like a pretty entertaining series. can't wait for reel three.


this guy realy is fan of Naruto look at the soundtrack and the ninja summoning jutsu :P


Keep up the fantastic work! Dont give up on this serie!