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Reviews for "SHS: reel 2"


that shit just got epic


ps: whats the name of that batman song

What is he, a ninja?

LOL, love your sense of humor.


is it me or does it seem like its the superhero world meets evil naruto. I mean all that black leather and the hand signs, oh and summoning a giant lizard dragon thing. ya seems like it is.


Loved the way all the bad guys had a British Accent, we're good for that.
And I loved the Warcraft 3 music at the end. YOU R0XX0RZ M4H S0XX0RZ


You might not notice this, but the superheroes from Marvel AND DC collide when they're not suppose to. Cause their two different comic company things. But i didnt say that was a BAD thing. It's beast. 10 out of 10.