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Reviews for "SHS: reel 2"


I wish more people put out Flashes as well thought out as this.

I wouldn't even mind poor art and bad Audio it they were at least as well thought out as this was GOOD JOB and keep up the GREAT work.



Not only is Justice League, but now we're bringing in the Marvel Universe as well. I wonder who we'll see on the bad side from Marvel eh? If the movie needed improvement from the first one, you definetly made the right adjustments. I also felt a lot better after I had watched the credits, because the voices almost seemed like they were voice files or something, which means the VAs did an excellent job. Look forward to the next one.

Xennethy responds:

Yep, the VAs did a very very good job.
And there will be alot more characters appearing! :D

One of the best flash ever.

Great flash and story and everything. Great job and continue the great work.