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Reviews for "SHS: reel 2"

Looks Good

Definitely just enough to peek my interest in this series, but the question remains... Why does Batman have 6 fingers? O.O

Shame on you

There are actual Marvel vs. DC comics. I'm pretty sure Superman beats Spiderman.

Also the Hulk beats Superman.

I wanted to give this a 7, as the rap songs you picked were atrocious for the situations, and there's a typo here and there. However I KNOW I've heard the end music from a game before, and it bothered me so much I had to say shame on you and give you an 8.

Great! But one small complaint

While it would be great to see the Marvel and DC universes mix together, they're not part of the same universe, which seems weird. And I know I'm nitpicking, it just doesn't amuse me. Spiderman and Superman should not meet.

this seems familar

Missssster annnnderson. *cough* i mean superman

Wowowowo :D

It was okay, I actually kinda enjoyed it. I lol'd when I heard the Warcraft3 Music at the end :D