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Mahjong Burger

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Prepare all the orders from the conveyor belt in time by find 2 of the same kind.

- Click with left mouse button on 2 of the same kind.
- Prepare the orders that are on the conveyor belt first.

Dear reviewers,

1. Please tell me what you would like to see approved in this game?
2. Any requests for things you would like to see in a sequel?

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i love Mahjong. THIS GAME IS SWEET!


This game is a mixed bag. The concept is what drew me in, but because of certain things it doesn't pull through. The conveyor belt moves very quickly and when you get a match it seems to only give you an extra second of time unless you can follow it immediately with other matches, which you cannot. Most of the times the matches you can and do make don't align with the orders, so you can get five in a row and still not get extra time.

There's no point in trying to fill the orders. It's a race to the finish and those extra points simply don't matter. I also had trouble clicking on certain items. Either it would forget I already clicked on something to make a match, or it would just be slightly off, which I think was due to some odd lag I encountered the last three levels. What was even more strange is that after the lag the conveyor belt would boost forward, like it was moving the entire time when I couldn't.

It isn't a bad game, but when normal mode feels like a massive challenge then something is off, and I think a little tweaking on speed would have made all the difference.

Decent, but ultimately flawed

The music and artwork is nice, and I like the idea of combining mohjong with a restaurant game, but it just doesn't seem to work- at least not on hard mode. There seem to be two different approaches to completing levels, and none of them have proven effective outside of the easy and normal setting.

Method 1: Speed. You clear every possible tile you can as quickly as possible. If you do this though, you're too busy trying to clear pairs on the board to pay attention to what's on the conveyor belt, and you wind up getting rid of certain tiles before the corresponding food items appear. When they do, the tiles needed to clear them are already gone, causing those items to pile up until you fail.

Method 2: Accuracy. If you try to clear pairs according to what exactly appears on the conveyor belt, you don't clear nearly enough tiles, severely limiting your play options and forcing you to resort to the speed method again. Orders pile up and you fail.

I've tried both methods and did my best to find some sort of strategy that combines the two, but absolutely nothing has worked. After dozens of plays, I still can't get past level 4 on Hard mode. Not to mention the fact that the speed of the conveyor belt itself makes it impossible to take even a SECOND to think, and God help you if you mistakenly try to pair the wrong burgers together; there's simply no compromise in that mode.

Personally, I find that things could be greatly improved if the conveyor belt was programed to only spew items that are actually available on the board, because there's simply no way to get rid of them otherwise.


Esse é de lonje a pior merda desse cu desse site


I just wish people could play traditional mah-jong and none of this simple stuff online, oh well, good game, got stuck a few times

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3.69 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2008
4:15 AM EDT